Me: my past, my present, my thoughts, my services and my software

My Past

In the past ten years or so I've studied astrophysics, taught software courses, technical-managed an ISP, created and run my own software consultancy business, seen the dot com bubble come and go, taken my business into voluntary liquidation, and worked as team leader for a software company.

My Present

What would you like to know? I am in my early thirties, I'm British and I live in the UK with my partner and our cat.

As well as code, I have a strong interest in Life/Business Coaching and Psychotherapy. I've been involved in individual and group psychotherapy for more than five years now and am constantly learning more about myself which is both a joyous and painful process. More recently, I've gained a strong interest in Non-Violent Comunication which excites me through its life-changing possibilities. I have a side interest in family history: I have traced my ancestry back 11 generations on my father's side and 8 generations on my mother's.

Right now I'm in the process of taking more responsibility for my life by heavily reducing my outgoings and possessions: the sports cars have gone, the big house is sold, the gadgets are gone, and I've thrown away enormous amounts of stuff. Soon we move into a new, much smaller and cheaper house, and in the near future I will be leaving salaried employment and taking up a portfolio career which I plan to be a mixture of software, coaching, and writing. It feels like an interesting mix and this is an exciting time of change. I am currently working towards a certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

My Thoughts

I've always had writing in my blood. At the age of 17 I wrote a novel (unfinished and never published), and wrote short stories to all my family as Christmas presents. So to provide a fresh outlet I've started writing short non-fiction articles. I've set myself a 500 word limit for each one.

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Programmers are human too Vote for real change by not voting at all Are you working in a pyramid?
Who's more in touch? Come outside and play in the garden!

My Services

I am actively looking for new opportunities in both life and work. At the moment my focus is on software, coaching and writing. I am currently developing a description of the skills and services I can provide. I will soon have two CVs available, one from a software perspective, and one from a coaching perspective.

You can contact me at: tom at xylax dot net.

My Software

I aim to write my own software in the near future. When available, details will appear here.

Back in 2002, I produced a brief guide to some of the persistence mapping relationships in Hibernate, a Java persistence layer. Although this has never been updated, I am still getting positive feedback from it, so it can stay for now.

*Xylax is a made-up name, intended to be pronounced "zz-eye-lacks". It has no particular (intended) meaning but it was a short name that wasn't already taken. Contrary to some beliefs, it is not a medicinal product or brand name! I suppose I should come up with something better, but I've had it several years and it seems to have stuck.

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